Whispers of the soul

listen to the gentle whispers of your soul @ AppleApricot

Do you ever feel like you're stuck? Lost for words? Searching your way through thick mist in your head? Knowing that you have so many ideas and options but just can't find them anymore? You try to grasp one and poof! it's gone...

listen to the gentle whispers of your soul @ AppleApricot

I feel like that for a while now. I know I have tons of inspiration, but it's like all these nice ideas that I have, are like fragile butterflies fluttering around in the mist. I can't catch them. I chase them and they just keep flying away from me.

My mind is misty. It goes blank several times a day.

When I try to read a book or text, the words dance before my eyes and won't stick with me. It's like there is already too much stuff in my brains. I can't focus.

And may be that's where the clue is.
May be I should not try to think for a while.

Just be.
Go outside.

But don't think.
Well, not on purpose anyway.
No analyzing. No making of mental notes.
No judging, no comparing.
No searching.
Not even trying to make sense of it all.

mixed media collage by AppleApricot: Whispers

And may be, after a while, I will be able to hear the gentle, subtle whispers of my soul again and to carefully catch my butterflies.

How about you?
Do you ever feel this way? How do you deal with it?

xx Wen

The inspiring coast of Cornwall

Cornwall coast by AppleApricot Wen

Cornwall had been on my wish list for a long time before we made it there. I grew up in a coastal town myself and really longed to visit the south west end of the UK. And I was not disappointed. Now I really long to go back there again and again.

beachcombing by AppleApricot Wen

It's that's feeling of really being on vacation, that I also always have when we drive to our local coast and pass the sand dunes. On these coasts the trees are lower than inland. There's more bushes than trees, really. You hear the seagulls and smell the salt of the sea in the refreshing breeze. And of course there's the sea. The waves splashing on the beach over and over again.

It's the hours spent beachcombing.
Finding treasures in shells, stones, sea glass and pottery pieces.

textile art embroidery coast study by AppleApricot Wen

It's a place so inspiring, I take loads and loads of photos to bring back home some of the beauty and memories. At home I wish to capture it all, studying in threads, fabrics, paints, and so on.

And I don't mind the weather on coasts like this.
I want to stay outdoors for as long as possible. You really have to drag me home then.

Cornwall coast by AppleApricot Wen

The hills and cliffs, the beaches and sea, they inspired me to experiment with crochet. I used a version of the so called wave stitch, and varied with working in back loop, front loop and both loops, to add some depth to the piece. I also started adding some tiny flowers in embroidery. Where this will lead me, I have no idea, but I'm having a whole lot of fun anyway :)

painting and crochet by AppleApricot Wen

And the colours also inspired me to get some paint going as well, as you can see.

I love paintings worked in detail and abstracts equally. It's just like nature. Nature paints in wild landscapes, flora and fauna, magical small worlds in details, and abstracts and patterns.

Here's an abstract painting by nature:

Cornwall coast textures by AppleApricot Wen

Isn't it just gorgeous? Plant life holding on to ancient coastal rocks, washed by the tidal waves. 
Waves that bring little treasures to the coast: sea glasses, pottery, shells.

beachcombing pottery sea glass and shells by AppleApricot Wen

Found in rock pools and harbours.

Here the ocean has withdrawn. But only for a little while. You have plenty of time to do some beachcombing, but make sure to keep an eye on the tide and go back to dry land in time. I didn't, and got wet feet. Luckily I was close enough to the beach. Others had gone a little further and had to swim back. They had fun though, and got back safely.

Cornwall coast by AppleApricot Wen

I can see why so many artists are inspired by the Cornish coast.
Here are some of my favourite Cornwall inspired artists (in alphabetic order):

Cornwall coast by AppleApricot Wen

The only thing that I regret, is that I didn't shoot more video on this trip.
Oh well, next time!

Is there a particular coast you have fond memories of or which you would love to visit?
Do you love beachcombing?

xx Wen

Fabric journals pinterest inspiration

fabric journals pinterest inspiration

Hello sweet friends,

You might remember me saying many moons ago that I had to clean up my pinterest boards. Getting rid of bad links, giving proper credit to the artists and photographers, etc. In the meantime I have made them all invisible (secret) until they're finished.

Today I'm happy to announce that the last couple of days I've been working through my boards on fabric books and I have finished them. So, three boards on fabric books are again back online on my pinterest profile.

The three boards are:

1) Fabric books ♥ romantic (see some examples in photo collage above)

fabric journals pinterest inspiration


fabric journals pinterest inspiration

So, if you, like me, are in desperate need of some delicious inspiration, then please hop over to my refreshed boards and drool over the gorgeous projects, made by some of my favourite artists. (But not all of them, I noticed! There are several missing here...)

Featured in the photo collages above are
(in alphabetic order, I hope I haven't forgotten anyone):

Well, looking at all these gorgeous projects, I certainly got inspired again to do some crafting! And if you're in a mojo-rut like me, I hope they will do the same job for you!


xx Wen

Glacier valley floor

I love exploring nature. The big, wild, grand landscapes as well as the small, hidden worlds in nooks and crannies. And I love to watch what's on the ground. When traveling, you'll often find me laying or sitting on the ground, trying to capture the beauty there with my camera. (This can give funny comments and looks from passers-by.)

I'm truly fascinated by what you can find on nature's floors. I'm flabbergasted by the idea that beneath our feet, in a small handful of soil, live millions of tiny creatures. I love it when I'm working in the soil of the garden, and worms and other creatures appear. Each of them has its own value to the fertility of the soil.

The floor of this glacier valley looks dry. But there's life, everywhere you look. I love to take photos of the structures and little plants and animals. Tiny little worlds of their own.

And I would love to capture these little worlds with threads and fabrics and papers and beads and whatnots. I did give it a go before. Here's an example: where land and sea meet.

The project I'm sharing today is a little WIP hand stitched sample, inspired by the beautiful valley of the Ried (pronounce as "Reed") glacier in Switzerland.

The glacier itself has drastically shrunk. It used to be so much bigger, which you can tell by looking at the walls of the valley, when you're there.

(The text overlay I used for this photo above, is part of one of my French antique postcards. You can find it for your own personal use in the blog post HERE on AppleApricot's Freebies.)

Wishing you a beautiful sunny day!

xx Wen